Bianca Das

SPECIALIST: Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Environmental Biogeosciences and Environmental Management)

LANDED: PhD student, University of Queensland

Bianca attended Paraparaumu College; while at secondary school her careers advisor told her about Lincoln University.

“No other university offered undergraduate courses in environmental physics and climate science,” says Bianca, of her choice to attend Lincoln.

“I had such passionate lecturers and tutors that inspired me to study harder and become interested in soil science… I was learning about something that had direct applications to everyday life and global issues.”

She said that her particular studies helped her to further her academic career, as she is now studying for her PhD, and is conducting experiments on soils, looking at their chemistry and physical properties.

Of her time at Lincoln, Bianca says the most memorable experiences are being a Residential Assistant at the Halls of Residence, participating in the many field trips, especially the trips for her soil science papers, and starting her own dance crew club.

“The clubs are well supported at Lincoln University, so if there isn’t a club that suits you already, just start one. There is also plenty of opportunity for you to enjoy the great outdoors, if you are into skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.”

Source: Careers in Science booklet , Lincoln University.

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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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