Diana Selbie

SPECIALIST: Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons); PhD in Soil Science .

LANDED: Post-doctoral Scientist, AgResearch.

Diana was attending Columba College in Dunedin when a Lincoln University liaison officer visited her secondary school. She also comes from a long line of family members who are Lincoln University alumni, which made her feel at home in choosing to study at Lincoln.

Initially interested in farming, and due to the “good reputation” of Lincoln University’s agricultural science programme, Diana enjoyed her learning experiences. She was encouraged during her undergraduate studies to apply for a scholarship in Ireland to pursue a PhD related to nitrogen in pastoral systems, currently an important topic in New Zealand. This opportunity has led Diana to her current role with AgResearch, working as a post-doctoral scientist.

“My main role is improving the science which is put into the Overseer nutrient budgeting model. I design and coordinate field and lab research trials, conference presentations, publish scientific papers and coordinate technical group meetings.”

Diana credits Lincoln with having taught her many of the tools she needs to function daily within her career, such as “theoretical and practical experience, the ability to think critically and discuss issues, write essays, reports and exams, communicate learned information and to make connections between separate streams in agriculture, e.g. soil-plant-animal systems.

“Many of the degrees at Lincoln provide a wide knowledge base and it’s easy to get employment. Agriculture in New Zealand is a huge, exciting area to work in, with loads of opportunities.”

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