Ognjen Mosilovic (Ogi)

SPECIALIST: Master of Science (Environmental Science)

LANDED: Land Resources Officer, Environment Canterbury

Born in Serbia, Ognjen’s country of residence is New Zealand. He attended Wanganui High School, began his tertiary studies and received his undergraduate degree before commencing his postgraduate studies at Lincoln University.

“I chose Lincoln because of its strong focus and reputation in the land-based fields, primarily soil science.”

Ognjen’s suitability for his current role at Environment Canterbury, as a Land Resources Officer, was founded, in part, thanks to skills and knowledge gained during his time of learning at Lincoln University.

“The soil papers and the graduate research project gave me a good background for this job, as well as the skills with which to expand on the foundation. I consider that the skills I acquired during the Master’s research year, which have improved my time management, communication, and capacity for independent learning and work, have been most valuable.”

He enjoyed the accessibility, friendliness and approachability of Lincoln University lecturers and staff while he was studying. He offers advice to future students of Lincoln University, “To make the most of the staff and resources available— knowledge is something nobody can take away from you.”

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