Sarah Hunt

SPECIALIST: Bachelor of Environmental Management (Policy and Planning); Master of Applied Science.

LANDED: Planner, Environment Canterbury

Sarah attended Hamilton Girls’ High School before she began her tertiary studies. Her brothers had studied at Lincoln University, but Sarah had her own reasons for choosing Lincoln.

“Lincoln appealed in comparison with other universities. I knew I would meet like-minded people.”

“I got a Lincoln University summer scholarship, enabling me to work at Environment Canterbury for a summer. The assignments I completed and the work experience I did, stood me in good stead for getting a career in resource management, and in particular, water management.”

Sarah enjoyed the practical assignments such as presenting evidence in front of an environment court judge, the field trips — going to the West Coast to analyse soil profiles, which showed evidence of how the landscape formed — and the social life at Lincoln the most.

Now Sarah works with the Ashburton Water Zone Committee to develop water quantity and quality limits in the Hinds Catchment, assisting planners in developing regional plans for water management, organising workshops so the committee can set more informed limitations for the applicable zone.

“Resource management is a growing industry, and skills and experience in this field are in demand. It is so diverse that you could work in any area from water management, to resource economics, to agricultural management. Once you are in the field, it is easy to move about to find the area that you really enjoy.”

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