PhD Postgrad Intro – Zach Simpson

Zach Simpson – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Soil Science

Zach Simpson is currently studying for his PhD in the field of Soil Science at Lincoln University. Professors Richard McDowell and Leo Condron are supervising this research.

“Howdy, I hail from Arkansas, USA, where I studied watershed hydrology and water quality at the University of Arkansas. Multiple sources of pollution (urban and agricultural) threaten the quality of the streams in the Ozark Mountains which spurred my interest in contaminant transport, stream hydrology, and ecological impacts within the stream and receiving water bodies. Stream pollution is a global issue and in my search for further study I was led to New Zealand where research in this topic is quite active.

My PhD topic is concerned with the transport of phosphorus in streams in relation to stream sediments via sorption: the chemical and physical properties of sediment, sediment sources and transport through catchments, physical and chemical conditions needed for exchange of phosphorus between the sediment and the water, and hyporheic (subsurface zone where groundwater and surface water interact) processes affecting phosphorus transport. The complexity of streams fascinates me and I feel challenged, yet encouraged, to tackle the problem.”


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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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