PhD Postgrad Intro – Genevieve Smith

Genevieve Smith – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Soil Science

Genevieve Smith is currently studying for her PhD in the field of Soil Science at Invermay, AgResearch, Dunedin. Professor Richard McDowell and Leo Condron are supervising this research.

“I grew up in Levin, New Zealand. I completed a BScHons at Massey University in Palmerston North, my honours project looked at nutrient flow pathways and nitrogen attenuation in groundwater. Growing up I loved the outdoors and my family has always been quite involved with water quality issues around Levin, this, as well as my undergrad and honours combining soil and water sciences, has lead me to where I am today.

My PhD project: “Phosphorus mobilisation under anaerobic conditions” is funded through AgResearch and Walsh Fellowship, Teagasc.  Phosphorus is a fundamental element for living organisms and yet, is a finite resource. This research aims to help our understanding of phosphorus mobilisation; focusing on how soil anaerobic conditions contribute to P movement, with more detailed research aimed at identifying specific effects of anaerobic conditions in fragipan soils; how they effect P movement and run off. I will based in Ireland for 1 year to work with my supervisors over there, looking at the Fragipan component of my PhD research.”

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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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