A Little Encouragement for the Novice

Lets start today with a little encouragement, a double quote; quoted from C.H.Hapgood’s book, Maps of Ancient Sea Kings from Brian Fry’s, Stable Isotope Ecology.

“Every scientist is an amateur to start with. Copernicus, Newton and Darwin were all amateurs when they made their principle discoveries. Through the course of long years of work they became specialists in the fields which they created. However the specialist who starts out by learning what everybody else has done before him is not likely to initiate anything very new. An expert is a man who knows everything, or nearly everything, and usually thinks he knows everything important, in his field. If he doesn’t think he knows everything, at least he knows other people know less, and thinks that amateurs know nothing. And so he has an unwise contempt for amateurs, despite the fact that it is to amateurs that innumerable important discoveries in all fields of science have been due….when a difficult problem was being discussed, Thomas A. Edison said it was too difficult for any specialist. It would be necessary, he said, to wait for some amateur to solve it.”

“In other words, amateurs are great for their new thinking and initiatives.”

Embrace your start into the world of science, embrace the challenge, the knowledge and discover!

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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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