PhD Postgrad Intro – Yuan Li

Yuan Li – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Soil Science

Yuan Li is currently studying for his PhD in the field of Soil Science at Lincoln University. Professor Timothy Clough and Dr David Whitehead are supervising this research.

“I grew up in northwest of China. I completed my bachelor degree at Northwest A&F University. I started my master project at Lanzhou University, my master project looked at response of nitrous oxide emissions and productivity of lucerne crop to nitrogen addition. I have done lots of work on soil nitrogen dynamics, denitrification-decomposition model and soil microbial activity (ammonia oxidizers, microbial biomass). Also, the lab I worked as a master student has conducted lots of research on soil carbon in cropland. All of these trigger my interest in soil science.

Currently I am doing a PhD project about “linking carbon and nitrogen dynamics to mitigate carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions in grazed grasslands”. This research aims to determine how irrigation drives the interactions between carbon and nitrogen cycles and the regulation of soil organic matter decomposition and nitrous oxide emissions, and identify the potential for farm management practices to mitigate soil organic matter losses and reduce nitrous oxide emissions. It’s all very exciting to carry out my project and hopefully getting some great results.”

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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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