Honours Postgrad Intro – Connor Edwards

Connor Edwards – Honours degree, Soil Science

Connor Edwards is currently studying for his Honours degree in the field of Soil Science at Lincoln University. Professors Keith Cameron is supervising this research.

I grew up on my grandfather’s beef farm in the small town of Wellsford north of Auckland where I was home schooled by my mother. Being home schooled I enjoyed a lot of time on the farm with my grandfather and made up my mind early that I was going to work in the agricultural industry. This led me to begin studying at Lincoln University in 2014.  I quickly became intrigued about Soils, mainly due to the wide range of research and the fact that the research has real and direct implications for the wider world. This along with the enthusiasm of the professors have meant that I have never looked back.

Currently I am doing an Honours project about the effect a catch crop of oats following winter grazed fodder beet has on nitrate leaching losses. This project excited me because of its practical relevance to New Zealand’s agricultural sector and the positive environmental impacts this research may provide.

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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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