Staff Intro – Judith van Dijk Soil Science Tutor

Judith van Dijk – Tutor of Environmental Physics, Soil and Earth Sciences.

Judith grew up in the Netherlands, studying, living and working for 8 years in Utrecht completing a Bachelors in Earth Science and a Masters in Physical Geography. The Research project component of her Master degree was carried out at Lincoln University with Associate Professor Peter Almond. A couple of years before Judith permanently moved to New Zealand in 2012.

Earth Science became Judith’s desired study path after seeing a display at a careers expo. One month before her university enrollment due date she changed from being enrolled for Med School to a degree in Earth Science. What a great decision! Earth Science lead on to Physical Geography and from there into Soil Science, to where she is today.

After being at Lincoln University for her Master’s research for 8 months, Judith knew she wanted to come back to New Zealand to live here, so when the tutoring role became available she jumped at it. Having tutored throughout her studies in the Netherlands she really felt like she would fit the role at Lincoln.


As a Tutor in Environmental Physics, Soil and Earth Sciences since early 2012, being in front of the class is what keeps Judith inspired in this role: “When I’m in front of the class, it’s fun, everything feels right and it just works. I love teaching and having the ability to teach applied science in a laboratory setting. I enjoy the practical approach and am always coming up with new ideas on teaching and blended learning, it’s exciting.”

Working in the Soils Department at Lincoln University, the reliability of morning tea-time is a highlight of each day. “There’s always going to be someone there, you’ll never end up alone, and the conversations can cover literally anything.” Another highlight is the way the department works as a team and how everyone is always helping each other out.

Squash, tramping, sewing, gardening, cycling and chain-sawing are a few of the things Judith does outside of work, not forgetting good beer and good food of course.



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I am a Soil Science PhD student at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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