PhD Intro – Moussa Bouray

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Moussa Bouray  is currently studying for his PhD degree in the Department of Soil and Physical Sciences at Lincoln University. Assoc Professor Jim Moir, Prof Leo Condron  and Dr. Lehto Niklas are supervising his research.

“I grew up in Mesti, a small town in the south of Morocco. I am an Engineer in Horticulture (IAV HASSAN II, Morocco) and MSc in Land and Water resources Management: Irrigated agriculture (CIHEAM-IAM, Italy). Specializing in two complementary fields, Horticulture and resources management has enabled me to acquire the ability to conduct extensive research to help solve current problems facing agriculture. My Master thesis research was about the effects of soil and irrigation water salinity on potato plant growth and production, this study encouraged me to continue doing research on soil trying to contribute to this area of science after being completely convinced about the importance of such resource (SOIL) as a key towards food security and agriculture sustainability.

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Currently, I am doing a PhD project titled ”  Investigations of phosphorus availability on New Zealand acid grassland soils”. I’m very excited to invest three years and a half of my life digging in this subject, trying to deeply understand the behavior of P in acid soils and how some alternative liming materials could help in increasing its availability. I’m interested in phosphorus because it is a finite resource and one of the most limiting nutrient to plant production all over the world. Moreover, my beautiful country MOROCCO has 74% of the phosphate world reserves, therefore, managing sustainably these reserves for the favor of my country, my continent (Africa) and for agriculture internationally is one of the  duties of us scientists/researchers.


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