PhD Postgrad Intro – Minakshi Mishra

Minakshi Mishra – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Soil Science

Minakshi Mishra is currently studying for her PhD in the field of Soil Science at Lincoln University. Professor Brett Robinson is supervising this research.

“My name is Minakshi Mishra. I did my schooling in India and during my high school I suddenly got an interest in Biotechnology by studying about BT cotton, so I decided it to be my career. I have studied Biotech in India and England, during B.Sc and M.Sc

I am now working as a soil microbiologist in my research, finding a natural way for waste management with NZ native manuka tree. As happens to all, PhD is a kind of roller coaster experience for me also, but my supervisors have always been very supportive, so thanks to them and hopefully I will finish early next year😊.”

Masters Postgrad Intro – Neo Zhai

Neo Zhai is currently studying for a Masters degree in the field of Soil Science at Lincoln University. Dr Henry Chau is supervising this research. It is an external industrial project that an aspect of physical/hydrological characterisation of peat soils that currently has a research gap.

Neo Zhai_soil pit

“My name is Neo Zhai. I am doing first year of Master of Science in soil science. My research is currently focusing on physical/hydrological characterisation peat soils for mushroom growth. I have a BSc of Chemistry from University of Canterbury and a graduate diploma from Lincoln. “